Android Keyboard Shortcuts

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更新 (UD): 2023-01-16
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Android のキーボード・ショートカット一覧 «The list of Android Keyboard Shortcuts (EN ready).»
Android のスマホやタブレットにキーボードをつないだ時に知っていると便利なキー操作。
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【連載】 キーボードの「キー」の詳しい使い方 «The detial of usage each key on keybord.»
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 I'm a touch-typer, then I feel bother inputting each letters with a finger touching on virtual-keyboard of smartphone.
  At first, I connected USB keyboard to the smartphone, but it made another problem that cannot type when charging. So at last, I bought a Bluetooth keyboard.
  I've expected almost functions can use from keyboard like Linux or Windows, but it was disappointed. Although connecting keyboard, several operations must touch the smartphone panel. That means I must leave off my hand from the keyboard. Finally, just a little bother.
  Nevertheless, it's pretty good typing with 10 fingers than one. This document introduces the list of the functions assigned key-shortcuts in Android I saw.

● The Legend

● System use

 These key operations are always available.
  I recommend to remember [Win]+[/] key operation that show the list of key shortcuts available. But it doesn't show all of follows.

 I wonder why isn't HOME showed by [Win]+[HOME] operation. And why isn't the list of keyboard shortcuts showed by [F1] like "HELP" with some modifier keys. I cannot understand the design sense of the Google Android developers well.
  In Japan locale mode, HOME operation is described as 自宅 (Jitaku) means "living house", in the list of key-shortcuts. That's true, but I could not get to understand it several hours. So I cannot understand the design sense of the Google Android developers well.

◆ Calling Application

 You probably can use these key operations on any applications. But there are some differences by installed applications, and maybe some other applications can be called.


 These key operations are available on HOME screen. And you can move focus of icons with arrows [↑][↓][←][→] keys.

◆ The icon on HOME and for its application

 These operations are effective for the focused icon.

● On Chrome browser

 General operations.

◆ Page view operations

◆ URLs, locations and links operations

◆ Tab operations

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